02 novembro 2011

My first two months as Spin´s volunteer

I'm Salvatore, from Italy and I just finished my first two months of Evs here in the Spin. These days have been very interesting for me.

I already had an experience in Lisbon, in 2006 when I came here for Erasmus for six months in the Universidade Nova. I loved this city, met lot of nice people so I decided to come back for the European Voluntary Service, to have a full view of the reality of this city. It is really very different kind of thing from as an Erasmus experience, but it is much better.

What I would like to do is to try to learn more about Portuguese language and culture, and growing up with my competences. This first days were full of new things, I still have to be accustomed at all of it but it is a good challenge for me. Working in the Spin office, preparing “Documenting Words” youth exchange, and the photographic exposition of the “Voluntas” youth exchange have been the main activities in these first days at Spin.

I also began my music lessons to the primary school of the neighbourhood of Horta Nova where the association is, witch gave me also the possibility to use my competences in music teaching, my job in Italy. This is for now my experience at Spin. I still have lot of time to know better and work more in this association, and I will for sure write soon more about it on this blog.


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