11 setembro 2013

First EVS week in Spin - Maja

"Welcome to Lisboa!" - the first thing I heard while coming out of the arrivals at the airport. Lola's and Enric's smiley faces were sticking out in the crowd. Both welcomed me with a kiss on each cheek and a tight hug.

So here I am. Lisboa. My new home. It was altogether a bumpy ride, but I am finally here! In an instant I forgot about the flu I had to travel with, the heavy luggage and the screaming child behind me in the plane. All suddenly became so irrelevant and replaced with pure happiness and the thought: 
These will be great 9 months!

Although I visited Lisbon before and it's charm isn't something unknown to me, I believe that in the time that is coming I will discover it's many more hidden secrets. 

The first days here were typical settling: unpacking and making my room more comfortable and cozy, getting to know my colleagues and flatmates, mentor, the neighbourhood and the distance to the nearest Pingo Doce!

I was lucky enough to arrive just on time of the great festival happening in a town close to Lisbon, where I went together with other volunteers. It was a great opportunity to get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere and have fun together!

Spin's office is a very comfortable and friendly place. Sara, Aneta, Lola and Flo are doing a great job in explaining to Enric and me how everything is organised, familiarising us with past and current projects of the association and answering all our questions and doubts. The days at the office pass so quickly and although we are still in our training period, I can see that we are going to have a great and successful collaboration and a joyful time together!

Let the adventure begin….

Maja Orešković

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