01 agosto 2017

Curso de Formação One Wild Life

O curso de formação One Wild Life decorreu de 15 a 25 de Junho de 2017 em Sintra. Aqui ficam uns pequenos testemunhos de alguns dos participantes.

Kārlis Laizāns, Látvia
A training course which took me on a journey. At the beginning a journey inside me,  getting to know myself, looking at my life from different points of view, sharing my life story with others and listening to others stories. There was a lot of digging inside myself for what is there, what I like and don’t like about it. We shared our dreams and passions too. The first part of the process ended with a sweat - lodge ceremony. A ceremonial sauna, after which I did feel reborn. Coming out of it and seeing the world with new eyes.
Second part of the training course was about crystallising, planning, figuring out what we can and want to give to the world. We lived as a community throughout the training course. I felt the true power of our community at the end, when we had our final ritual, I’ve heard it being called “Angels walk” – people make two lines facing each other and one with eyes closed is passing through in the middle. People from the sides are giving love, support and good energy through their touch and/or words. Beautiful, powerful and emotional way to enjoy for the last time, what we had created. 

Ricardo Pfeiffer, Alemanha
During the One Wild Life training course I learned a lot about myself and this helps me a lot in the stage which I am right now, trying to start projects regarding three main topics, which became very clear during the course, which are education, design and upcycling systems. I have been working on those topics since some time ago but it was not that clear to me that I need to focus my long term goals on them, and from that dream and vision come back to the small tasks that I need to be doing towards getting there. And as part of what I want to do is education, all the methods that we learned are quite useful for me to apply them during any course that I will be sharing as a host in the future. I learned that as clear I am about what are my passions and abilities that I have to offer to the world, the more motivated I will be to take action on those paths, and the same happens to every person, but it is not easy to have clarity, so the methods and activities that were shared are tools to help people gain self clarity and understanding.
The course organisation couldn't be better held, the staff members were so well balanced between each other that the results of the course couldn't really be better. We became a family since the first days of the course, and this is also a big learning that I take from the course and will take into account when planning education events: the participants must feel a complete environment of respect and trust, and in order to achieve this environment, the first step is from the organisers, by selecting similar minded people that match very precisely the content of the course, then always being focused on harmonic moments with flexibility towards any happenings, without pressure and stress. The physical place also enhances the trust. If the course would have happened at a concrete building with no nature around it is felt, so the place was also ideal. And finally the activities were very useful for all, and at the moments when anyone needed a break, there was the complete freedom to take that break. I took a lot of learnings towards inner growth and that I can apply further on. I got a new family and great tools for positive youth change, I couldn't ask for more from this course. I feel thankful for the opportunity.

Emese Dömösi, Hungária
The ’One Wild Life – finding authentic vocation’ training course made me sure that I’m not an UFO; I’m not a lonely, strange soul with weird thoughts who thinks always ’outside the box’ . I have mates from different fields, backgrounds, interest on this planet who are so different from me but kind of the same. Who understands and value their unique self and think that Earth is a good place to live in; who are sure that their personal development matters not just for them but the people around them and the whole society as well. They know that they came with a mission and looking their ways to unfold their talent they are gifted to.
To go along on this exciting life journey I got so much tools, methods to implement on this course that I’m unstoppable now from bring the best out of me and from my focus group. Girls, women and mothers need that more than ever!

Gyöngyvér Balogh, Hungária
The One Wild Life Training course sounded like the perfect opportunity when reading the call for the first time. Professionally, it offered answers, techniques for education questions I am working with on a daily basis. I expected to learn new motivation tool, playful ways of teaching, orientation students, helping them what they really want. I did get all of these, and I like to think that I was also able to give something back, to contribute with my ideas, experience. 
What I did not expect, was a self-development, truly therapeutic course, that helped me find my own way, helped me answer a lot of personal and professional questions that I have been struggling with for a while and had no idea how to answer. I did not expect soul work, sharing circles and learning about my own motivations in such an intensive manner, surrounded by so many truly amazing people. I could get closer to these people in 10 days that I could have gotten in years in other settings. I have heard amazing, sometimes shocking stories, experiences, and I could also share what is in my mind and heart. I did not know that in order to teach this journey I first have to go through it myself, but I am very glad that I had to do it. It just made so much sense!  The One Wild Life training course was a shock, a surprise, and a miracle.

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