18 novembro 2020

O testemunho No 1 da Ana (Spin Association)

My name is Ana. I’m 27 years old, I’m Portuguese and living in France for a few years now. I started my ESC with Spin in November.

To start this testimony, I would say that I’m in a different situation compared to other volunteers as it’s not my first time in this country and I know people here. I’ve an older sister living near Costa da Caparica so when I first arrived I spent some time with her and started to visit Lisbon. Even if I’m a native, from Vila do Conde (north of Porto) I don’t know a lot of places here so for me Lisbon it’s a whole new world.

As a big city and capital of Portugal, Lisbon still has some traditional neighbourhoods that enchanted me like these small doors which are a little higher than me. There’s so much to do that I just wake up and walk around the whole day. That’s my favorite part here, as a walking lover, to discover every single street in the center. 

On Friday we had our welcome day at Spin with all the new volunteers. After having all the information needed for our stay during this year we had a beautiful asian based meal made by Spin’s volunteers. It was beautifully delicious and we could do an ActionBound activity in small groups to know more about Bairro Padre Cruz (it’s where Spin’s office is located) and allowed us to meet each other a bit more.

On monday we went to Spin’s office to get familiar with the hostel and learn more about our work there. We still don’t know all the team as we are doing “tele-trabalho” (work from home) because of the pandemic situation. But I can’t wait to meet everyone in the next few days and work with them. 

Lisbon is really exciting as a city to live and discover, and I’m looking forward to getting through this experience! 

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