15 dezembro 2022

O testemunho no. 1 do Donatien (Viver Telheiras)


Olá querido.a.s leitore.a.s ! 

  I’m Donatien from France. I’ve been now living for 2 months in Lisbon being part of the European Solidarity Corps. I enjoy my life so much here thanks to the people I meet, portugueses and foreigners, the other European volunteers, the people living in the neighborhood I’m working with everyday, as well as the beaches, the « doces » (I actually already tried most of them…) and the meaningful projects I’m involved in. 

Let me take you deeper into my projects in the wonderful association Viver Telheiras… This non-governmental organization facilitates community dynamics in the neighbourhood of Telheiras, in Lisbon, interconnecting local population, associations, institutions and economic activities’ interests and needs.

 My main activities are volunteering in the ongoing projects like FrutaFeia (delivering baskets of « ugly » fruits and vegetables to tackle food and resources waste) or Refood (collecting and preparing food from supermarkets, restaurants and small shops for people in need) as well as coordinating new projects like workshops in high schools to get students to take action about what matter for them. 

To finish with, one example to enable you to get to know more my coordinator, Luís. Only 2 weeks after starting my volunteering, I proposed him a new project, a Local Parliament… the project is launched and we are already working on it : the Telheirenses should be able to sit and debate about the problems they face and the solutions in few months. 

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