16 janeiro 2024

O testemunho No.1 do Joel (JFL - S. Vicente)


Moving to Portugal wasn't planned for me. My friend recommend me this experience and in less than a month I was traveling to start a new stage in my life. 

I can say that, this almost three months here had been one of the best periods of my life. Not only because the weather and people are very cool and familiar for me since I am from Spain, also the people I have met from other countries and I live with, the connections and the different perspective that you adopt when you move from home its very enriching for yourself. 

I can't forget that working with children is very nice and you can learn a lot of things. Also is challenging because you're speaking a different language and that is a very motivating point.

To finish this small summary, I want to say that I recommend this type of experiences a lot, also if you are into a bad period of your life.. your life can change if you're brave and want to live your best life!

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