12 janeiro 2012

SVE do Ângelo na Sérvia

Greetings from Serbia! Im in the second of 9 months of EVS in the city of Vranje and everything is snow white here, it looks really beautiful.

I've been in Serbia before, for two Youth Exchanges and for filming one short documentary. Now I'm back for EVS and it's been great, I've been making lots of videos, which is the main purpose of my project, check them out here.

I'm also working hard to prepare my Cinema Workshops that I'm going to start giving to local participants. I will give two classes every week and my students will learn about all areas of filmmaking, I hope they are excited as I am.

My hosting organization, Generator, made sure my experience here is as rich as possible. I've been visiting all tradicional serbian situations, parties and new cultural events. The food is tasty, my co-workers are great and my work is interesting. So far I can't complain, it's going to be hard going back home after EVS, the adventure is addictive. See you soon on this blog!

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