25 junho 2012

Primeira semana em Lisboa - Marietta (Húngria)

I arrived to Lisbon on a sunny Friday afternoon. Raquel came to pick me up at the airport and for that I'm really grateful to her. Especially that she had to hurry to the airport right after work, so thank you Raquel!

The first thing I noticed about Lisbon were those beautiful purple trees called jacarandas. I wanted to see flowering jacaranda trees for a very long time and I didn't know that Lisbon's streets were filled with them, so it was a really great surprise. It is a silly notion, but it felt like Lisbon was welcoming me. :)

Lisbon is a beautiful historical city and it is very easy to fall in love with it. Sometimes I find myself wandering the streets completely enchanted by the loveliness and the atmosphere of the city. At these times I find it hard to believe that I will have 9 months to enjoy all that Lisbon has to offer. Its charming old houses, its green parks, its interesting culture, its great atmosphere and its hospitable people all make Lisbon an incredibly captivating and extraordinary place.

I also enjoy spending time at the office. Sara and Rasa make us feel very welcome and they take a good care of their volunteers, helping us with any issues we have, from opening a bank account to resolving problems with the telephone company. The projects of Spin are all very interesting. We are still in the training period, but I believe I'm going to enjoy working for Spin a lot.
We also got an admirable mentor, Marta, who showed us around in the neighborhood and helps us to integrate to the city.

All in all, I am really happy to be here and cannot wait to find out what new experiences await me in this wonderful city.

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  1. Me, Spin people, Spin itself and Jacarandas are very happy that you are here! :)*