22 março 2013

EVS Vacancy at ART Telheiras in Lisbon, Portugal

Associação Spin, acting as the coordinating organization, is currently looking for two EVS volunteers for the May, 1st deadline.

Hosting Organization: Associação de Residentes de Telheiras (2011-PT-33)
Coordinating Organization: Associação Spin 
Project name: Arting Telheiras
Activity start date: 1st September 2013
Activity end date: 28th February 2014
Vacancies: 2
Application deadline: 31st March 2013
Application consists of: CV and project-specific motivation letter
Application sent to: evs.art@a-spin.pt

Who is Associação de Residentes de Telheiras?
ART – Associação de Residentes de Telheiras, is a Telheiras (Lisbon neighbourhood) resident’s association which exists since 1988 and its aims are to foster the neighbourhood’s development, influencing political decisions, promoting social activities, and having a positive direct and indirect impact in the environment. 

ART has 3 different kinds of actions: 
- Regular activities: tai-chi, guitar classes, choir, amateur theatre, yoga, painting… 
- Intervention groups: solidarity, transition (discussion and intervention about environmental impact), elderly in action (regular and punctual activities to the retired population) 
- Events: festivals, blood donations, lectures, diverse workshops. 

ART works mostly with residents from the neighbourhood of Telheiras but not only, as it promotes many and diversified activities, the target group vary from children to elders. Our staff is mostly formed by volunteers and consists of 5 elements from the board from 23 to 65 years old; Also 3 part time volunteers in the secretariat (one of them is almost full-time based retired teacher who has more than 35 years of teaching experience); and other volunteers coordinating each activity. For the whole description of the tasks proposed to the volunteers, please read the full call for volunteers.

Who we are looking for?
Art Telheiras would like to host pro-active volunteers, aged 18-30 years, who bring their own ideas and opinions and that are able to jump into this journey that is a neighbourhood association with energy to collaborate with actual projects but also create new ones. It is not required to have any particular degree of formal education, the project is open to all volunteers who show to have interest in social and environmental actual and practical issues and are willing to be part of the process of change in the course of nowadays society tackling against isolation and environmental negligence. In this selection process, we will give preference to applications from volunteers who are interested in arts and organization of cultural shows, who also enjoy being involved in production and communication tasks as well as in field work.

Special remarks about Selection procedures (please read carefully):
- read the full call for EVS volunteers very carefully;
- mention the name of the project in the subject of the e-mail;
- add the contact details of your Sending Organization to your e-mail;
- applications sent after the deadline will not be considered;
- send your application to evs.art@a-spin.pt, applications sent through other communication channels will not be considered;
- we only accept complete applications that contain all the required documents;
- as we expect a high number of applications, keep in mind that if we do not get in touch with you until April, 10th it means you have not been selected this time;
- only selected volunteers will be contacted and invited for a brief Skype interview.

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