12 março 2013

Finally in Lisbon! - Loles

Excitement, joy, new people, new home, tiredness…these are just a few concepts that can express my first days here in Lisboa.

I’ve been abroad for long periods before and, I know that the beginnings can be a bit tough. But I’m also know that time flies so I have decided to enjoy every moment from the first second!

It’s been a long way to arrive here, and for me “here” means in the EVS program. I started to hear about it 8 years ago so it’s always been on my mind to participate. And last year, everything seemed connected to start the “long” process to apply for an EVS program. Last September I was accepted for volunteering in Spin and in December the Portuguese National Agency sent its OK to the project. That means I had two months to get ready to Lisboa, to learn a few Portuguese words and to imagine how the experience would

These few days here have been like a small and exciting adventure where even to be able to get the correct bus or metro, to speak a few Portuguese words with the supermarket cashier has been a triumph.

I’ve also had the time with my flatmates- and at the same time, “EVSmates”- to discover a bit of the charming of Lisboa, and all thanks to our mentor that it’s meant to be our first Portuguese friend, although he is Greek!, but he knows almost everything about history and cultural activities in the city.

Still I haven't had the time to unpack all my stuff but once I’m putting my friends and family pics on my rooms walls, and once I’m getting the library and the Minipreço cartão I’ll feel like at home! I feel willing to discover a new city and a new way of life!


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