23 outubro 2013

First weeks of EVS in Maõs do Mundo

I'm a last last minute EVS volunteer, serving as a replacement for Giulio, another volunteer who had to drop out of the programme.
I arrived on the 2th of October in Lisbon and I found a small but great Spanish guy waiting for me at the airport. As soon has I got home I went out again for dinner with the Evs group on a rainy night. 

During the first days I followed my mates without understanding what they were saying while speaking in portuguese nor where I was going with the Italian crew, I was just following them around the city. 
They showed me Alfama, Bairro Alto, the seaside and Belem and they tryed to teach me a few portuguese words like “obrigado”, “desculpa” e “fogo”, but I'm a very bad student: I keep on forgetting most of them.

I started to work for Maos do Mundo with my colleagues Valeria and Tiziano and for the orçamento participativo and I found it was very interesting because I had the opportunity to learn new things and meet new people.

The EVS group and my flatmate are amazing because they are very friendly and they always organize something to do together outside like “Ginkajinha night” (my team lost because my team leader wasn't really motivated :) ) and a lot of dinners.

During those days I also visited the Centro Cultural the Bélem and I was very fascinated by a beautiful and shocking picture entitled “the rape”.
Now I have to stop writing because I have to do my Portuguese homework.

Giacomo Drago

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