01 outubro 2013

My first weeks of EVS in Horas de Sonho

It is amazing to imagine how your life will be in another country, in another city; you  think about how many people you will meet, the places which you will enjoy and the parties that you will attend. This is how I felt during the plane trip to Lisbon. This day, the day I arrived to Lisbon, I could feel a fantastic energy; the sun was shining in the sky, the temperature was perfect and the motivation to stay here was full. Even so, I spent the day sleeping because I woke up so early to take my plane and I was too  nervous to sleep the night before.

I decided to come to Lisbon, because since I visited it, some years ago, I had the impression I had to live here. I do not know why but I had this feeling. For that, I applied to come here to work in Horas de Sonho, a sweet place where we take care of the kids, among other activities. In Horas de Sonho, I am working in the communication and in the social media department, where I am trying to communicate to the people in the neighbourhood what we do and how we can help them. Also, I am in contact with the kids, which is a great opportunity to for me to explore their creativity.

After my work, I usually take pics with my Lomography camera. Lisbon is a perfect city to take pictures, especially because the light is wonderful and adds a lot to the character of the city. The light, especially during the sunset, is perfect, warm and close, a specific light that other cities do not have. Lisbon is light, with this yellow and orange light, it has got during the afternoon.

In Lisbon and in Portugal I want to improve my Portuguese; this language is one of the most spoken languages in the world, which is the reason why I want to learn it and I have got one year to do it! Also it is a sweet language, and the sound is very nice.

I hope during this year I will enjoy the city a lot. I have got the opportunity and the ingredients to do it, so let’s go!
Marcos Freijo

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