08 janeiro 2018

Intercâmbio TH!NK: youth & the post-truth era

Aqui podem ler mais testemunhos dos participantes do intercâmbio TH!NK: youth & the post-truth era, que decorreu de 9 a 17 de Outubro de 2017 em Lisboa.

Alessandro Ameli, Italia
Hi! I'm Alessandro, I was the Group Leader of the wild Italian bunch. I'll share some thoughts about TH!NK, the Youth Exchange we participated on October 9th-17th, in Lisbon.
First of all: I don't mean to brag, but my participants were the absolute best: responsible enough not to give me much to do as a Leader, and a lot of fun to hang out with. Francesco, the youngest but most experienced of the Fantastic 4, was always the life of the party. Elia, who experienced a Youth Exchange for the first time, adapted very quickly to the spirit of the Youth Exchange, and I was happy to see him open up and share experiences with the other participants. Sejvi and Esmeralda (first time for both of them), were... just perfect. We couldn't have survived the Italian night, when we had to cook dinner for everybody, without them (in particular, without Esmeralda's tiramisù)! All the other participants, from Poland, Scotland, Estonia, Macedonia and Portugal, were fun, interesting, intelligent young people. They made me feel a bit old sometimes... just because I was the oldest one ;)
As for the theme of the Youth Exchange, post-truth era, I think it was very well developed and analysed during the Activities. The non-formal education Workshops were well structured and thought out... and think we will "steal" them to replicate in Italy! The study visits were very interesting... and of course, Lisbon is amazing. In particular Barrio Padre Cruz, where the SPIN Hostel is located and where most of the activities were hold, was a pleasant surprise. We lived the Barrio, we loved the Barrio... we were the Barrio, at least for a week! Street art is everywhere, and we noticed that many NGOs in the Area are working side-by-side to make the place better and better.
A big thank you to Aneta, the Project Manager, and in general to our hosts of SPIN, and to the great EVS guys that have been so friendly and kind to us: yes I'm talking to you, Maria, Camilla, Petra, Mikhail, Katerina and Ana (I hope I'm not forgetting anyone!). You're a big international family and it was a pleasure to be part of it for a while. Cheers!

Sejvalda Hasani, Italia
It was my first time participating in a youth exchanging program. I never thought it would be such as beautiful experience as it resulted to be. The first day we had our presentation game and it was a very interesting and different way to know other people whom the previous days became very close to me. I appreciated the availability of everyone how works at spin for being willing to help us with anything we needed. Regarding the topic we had to discuss, it was eye catching for me. A topic which concerns all of us. We made some team works with participants from different countries. So, different ideas, different ways of seeing the situations. It was an amazing time spent in Lisboa and I'd be so happy to experience other exchanges in the future. Thank you for everything!

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