14 fevereiro 2018

O testemunho da Natalia

I still remember the first time when I came to Portugal… three days were enough to fall in love in this amazing country and I cannot believe that now I have the possibility to live in Lisbon. 
When I received an e-mail with information that I have been selected to do an EVS project in Bola p’ra Frente I was the happiest person all over the world. At that time I was working full time in Poland, I decided to quit my comfortable work in the office to do something different. 
 I was not afraid at all to move abroad since I had the opportunity to live in Portugal before. The only thing that scared me a bit was how it will be to work in the biggest social neighbourhood in the Iberian Peninsula with kids and young people without having any professional experience in this area. Now I know that it was the best project I could ever dream about. 
During my project, I work in Bola p’ra Frente and my daily activities are linked with spending time with young people, helping them with homework and supporting the organization in every task I am able to help. The organization develops social and sports activities founded in models of non-formal and formal education methodologies. Three times per week we play street football and organize other sports activities for kids from the neighbourhood. People who are part of this organization are amazing and full of passion. They really want to change the situation of young people from the neighbourhood and improve their competences as much as it is possible. It is not only work with youngsters but also with their parents and other family members. 
During last 5 months, I gained so many new experiences. One of my favourite activities in the organization are workshops with Cris on her project RE.criar. The idea of the project is to create new things from old materials to teach young people how to be creative and not waste materials. Every week she presents me new tools that I would never expect to even hold in my hands. 
So far I had the opportunity to see The Voice Portugal in the film studio, football matches and many cultural events which organization prepares for kids. Moreover, I supported the organization while making activities for international days like Dignity or Peace Day. Once I even baked 5 cakes for the anniversary. Each day in Bola p’ra Frente is different and full of new challenges but after 5 months I can say that kids accepted me and I feel a part of the organization. 
EVS project is about giving and sharing your knowledge and skills but it also a great opportunity of meeting amazing people every day. Lisbon is the city where you cannot be alone. I am so glad that I have already met so valuable people and I know that these relations will be friendships for life. I love travelling thus in my free time I try to discover new places where I have never been before, improve my Portuguese as well as my skills in Portuguese cuisine. I spend time with my friends and eat too many amazing desserts which you can easily find in every corner in Lisbon.

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