16 março 2018

O testemunho do Sébastien

Olà, my name is Sébastien, I come from Montpellier in France. I arrived in Lisbon in September. I´m doing an EVS of eleven months in the association "Boutique da Cultura" an association that aims to promote culture in all its forms. 

I wanted to do an EVS to live a unique experience on the personal but also professional level.  At 26 years old, this is the last adventure I want to live before starting my career. I chose this project to have a complementary experience in the cultural field and thus be able to find a job corresponding to my expectations.
I’m very happy to be a volunteer in the Boutique da Cultura association. The projects we are doing are ambitious and of public utility. I am pleased to be able to contribute to improving access to culture. We recently opened a solidarity bookstore in the Carnide neighborhood. Project that saw the day after several months of preparation in an incredible team and in a great atmosphere.

Doing an EVS is also an adventure with other volunteers from other countries. The meetings that I have been able to do since then have enriched me and allowed me to discover other cultures through them. 

Since 6 months I had the opportunity to visit several cities in Portugal and discover the raw beauty of this country. I have the chance to do my EVS in Lisbon, a beautiful dynamic and authentic city. Through this adventure I have the opportunity to learn Portuguese and improve my English. I still have 5 months of adventure I still want to see a lot of things in Lisbon but also in Portugal, including Porto and the Algarve.                                                                 

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