20 abril 2020

O testemunho do Özcan No. 2 (SPEAK)

As humans we always tend to exaggerate our emotional relation to our past. Whether they are sweet memories or sour memories we always acknowledge them more intensely than they actually were. For a beautiful sunny sunday that we remember,the sky is usually bluer and a rainy sky could’ve been recalled as darker in our memoirs. Obviously, that’s one of the strongest traits of our kind that drives our creativity process. But if this is left unchecked and unrecognized it can drain our relation to our present which will naturally prevent us from noticing small important details as every moment is beautiful as it is.

Since my ESC has started, I’ve been putting myself into many challenging situations both in my project and social life to see what kind of reactions will spruce up inside of me. This method of trial and error works for me as long as the way I reflect on my actions allows me to implement new ways of dealing with black spots. 

Whatever you’re doing it’s of crucial importance that you shouldn’t have fear or self doubt but just try so that you can understand how your surroundings and of course your inner peace responds to it. You really don’t need to search for challenges since fate, whether it’s governed by randomness or a divine power, will throw you in them without asking your opinion. The best you can do is to accept the circumstances and create opportunities out of it both for yourself and for other people.

 My journey still goes on despite all the unexpected changes as fate likes it. I can tell this is becoming an interesting and a complete life changing experience as a whole. I’m looking for small details that can help me change my perspective and make the most of it so that I can contribute to my creative process. Happy to be here and witnessing.

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