13 fevereiro 2013

Último mês em Lisboa - Marietta

During my studies I learned many things about Portugal: it’s history, geography, what it’s climate is like but no teacher or book could teach me what I have learned and experienced during these nine months I have spent in Portugal.

From time to time this project was very challenging but I would do it again without hesitation. I met amazing people both in- and outside Spin, I visited gorgeous places and cities, I experienced a new culture and I learned a lot. These things are worth all the difficulties one encounters moving to a foreign country.

I still remember my arrival to Lisbon and how nervous I was about my new life. Now, after nearly 9 months I can say that I was very fortunate and I feel truly blessed for being selected for this project, and for being given the opportunity to be a part of this amazing team. I have learned a lot from them that surely will prove to be very useful in my future career.

 I would like to take this chance to thank each one of them for providing us this amazing opportunity, for making us feel so welcome throughout our stay, and for always being there for us.

I really enjoyed my stay in Portugal. Lisbon has become my second home and I already feel saudades for it.
Marietta Móré

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