04 outubro 2018

O testemunho da Natalia

I still remember the 1st day of my EVS and I cannot believe that it is over. First weeks in Bola p’ra frente were not easy since kids were testing  me and my patience almost every day. None of them knew where is Poland and they didn’t understand the reasons we don’t speak the same language. 

In my last day I knew that things went well, I have received so many hugs and all smiles meant more than a thousand words.  I was lucky since I spend the year in the organization with people full of passion not only to street football but to all activities they do in their daily work schedule.

During one year many people have asked me: Why did you decide to do it? The main idea was to help others. I wanted to do dedicate my time to the organization that is focused on helping young people without equal opportunities.
I did it also for myself… this year gave me the opportunity to break new ground in my life. It was a huge lesson of patience, humility, flexibility and non-formal education. Not always easy, not always calm but always challenging and who does not like challenges? 

This year gave me the chance to take part in amazing projects, initiatives and social activities which are necessary to introduce in every community. I have learned a lot about minorities and the challenges they need to face in daily life.

It was a year full of positive vibes, trips to many amazing places in Portugal and new challenges. Moreover it was great opportunity to meet people from all over the world and I know that some friendships will last for many years.

Even though everyday it is possible to discover something new while walking every day in Lisbon I don’t feel anymore as a tourist, I feel like at home.

Is there something I regret? Yes, I regret I couldn’t stay longer in Bola p’ra frente. 

Without any doubt I can recommend EVS experience to everybody regardless the age (if you are before 30 ;p) and life experience. Don’t be afraid, you never know when and where you will find new passion, love or the idea for life.


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