11 outubro 2018

Youth Exchange "Thinking outside the box"

The Youth Exchange "Thinking Outside the Box" took place from 17 to 24th of September in Bánk, Hungary. The project aimed to bring 40 young people together in an intercultural environment where they developed their basic skills on tolerance, acceptance of diversity and learned how to fight against stereotypes and prejudices.

You can read more about the experience that Spin's team had in the following testimony, written by one of the Portuguese participants, Sara:

"Between 17-24.09.2018 a group of 5 Portuguese people got together to participate in the youth exchange 'Thinking outside the box' in Bánk, Hungary. The program also involved Greek, Italian, Portuguese, French, Romanian and Hungarian young people who were together responsible for the implementation of some very creative activities on the topic of stereotypes, prejudices, acceptance, values etc.

Most of the activities were organized by the national teams and were consisting of many break-the-ice games, teambuilding games, workshops, DIY presentations, performances, etc.

We got to know each other, present the best of our culture and share it with the others, be together as one family and share personal and touching experiences, get a lot of fun around the places and in the local community, enjoy the sun near the lake, create a musical moment near the fireplace at night, that was magical and unforgettable.

At the end of the program, we also had the opportunity to prepare a flash-mob that was shown in Budapest city center and we had a blast! It was a huge success!"

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