29 maio 2019

Project "ACT together" in Romania part.2

Our Portuguese participant Marisa is on the volunteering project in Romania from beginning of March. First part of associations report you can find here.

After two weeks of stoppage regarding the Easter holidays, ACT Together is already at full power again.

The beginning of the third month of the project, was toasted with European Week, from the 6th till the 9th of may, and it was proposed to the volunteers to approach this thematic in a wider spectrum in the institutions. During this week, the volunteers were doing interviews to some beneficiaries as well as to others volunteers. This interviews were regarding issues like European Union, our organization as a continent and the personal perceive and perspective of democracy in Europe. They were recorded and publish on Europe's day, the 9th of may on social platforms they used to work with as Facebook or Instagram.

Part of the team was, at the same time, having their on-arrival training at Bucharest, during the first week after holidays where they were receiving this important process of learning to help them to support their colleges, team output, personal development and be more prepared do face the challenge of their own project.

After the first presentation at Bals, the work proceed in this school with the next steps, the explanation of the necessary details about European Solidarity Corps, with all the process of becoming a volunteer being described and the fundamental ways to enroll in the platform of ESC. Once is a volatile project, and has the interest of reaching a large number of beneficiaries in different institutions, the work to establish new partnerships and possible institutions doesn't stop. Example of that are the schools where the volunteers started to work with during this month. Liceul Voltaire, Energy Technical College, Tudor Arghezi High School, Scoala Gimnaziala Traian and Tudor Arghezi High School in Segarcea. In all of this institutions the volunteers started to present the association, following the presentation of themselves and the project they are working with, and started the activities regarding the objectives of the project. During the past weeks of the month, all this institutions had the chance to receive ACT Together team in person.

Depending on their specifications, the method of establish the meetings and the activities have been  adapted and built to reach the maximum potential of the project goals. Interviews, debates and interactive gam
es have been examples of some methods used. Since the proactivity and ambition don't stop, the volunteers also did an approach to the University of Craiova, so it can also, possibly become one more community of interest where they could collaborate.

All the possible interested beneficiaries have been addressed to have some extra support regarding possible enrolls as future volunteers, for that, the ACT Together volunteers received some beneficiaries in their office, with the purpose of complementing doubts, curiosities, questions and additional information that could help them to be more clear about local or international volunteering opportunities.

In the following weeks they will keep to raise awareness of the volunteering life, the ESC promotion, try to enroll more volunteers in the Solidarity Corps platform and reach as much youth as they could.

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