18 julho 2019

Ana’s testimony No.2

It has already been more than 4 months since I moved to Portugal. Half of my time on this project has already passed and the same amount of time is yet to come.

I still feel like I have just arrived here and this is barely the beginning. There are still a lot of new things happening and many more places got on my wish list to visit.

However, the feeling is not exactly the same as in the beginning. People I have met 4 months ago are now my friends. Bonds are growing stronger and I feel more comfortable. We don’t only share a living and working environment, but are also now ready to share parts of ourselves that we usually reveal only to people we are close to. We are slowly becoming a small family. Or maybe not so small.

In my workplace I got an amazing responsibility to be a part of an organizing team for an event I attended last year as a participant. It opened a completely different side for me and gave me a new experience.

In this period, I managed to discover a lot of new places in Portugal, but also in Spain and Poland. On top of that, I even managed to visit my home country, Croatia ☺

I know there is still a lot of time left before the project ends, but I already have a feeling like it’s coming to an end so I want to grab every opportunity to use every single moment here! For that reason I will not write much more but I will share with you photos of some of the dear moments I had so far and I will save my deepest thoughts for my last testimony ☺


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