06 outubro 2020

O testemunho da Lara No. 3 (Crescer a cores)

A year can change many things. I arrived in Lisbon in November last year, unaware of everything that would have happened, afraid but strongly motivated and i'm leaving it richer, stronger, more confident than myself and with a wealth of incredible memories. A year full of emotions and sensations: happiness, euphoria, motivation, amazement but also anger, sadness, fatigue. Because getting out of the comfort zone is not easy at all. One day you are at home and the other one you find yourself in a country where you do not speak the local language and do not even understand it, where every person you meet is a new person who will perhaps become part of your life or maybe not, but meanwhile you discover it by knowing it. A country where you will probably share a house with strangers and have to start a project working in a new context. This is scary, the uncertain is very scary. I remember that before arriving in Lisbon i was so scared that i made a list of reasons not to go anymore. Fortunately i decided to live that fear, feel it all and take that step to go further. All the fantastic experiences i had this year, all the emotions, all the smiles... Icould not have lived them and i would not feel as i do now: happy and satisfied. Happy for all the wonders i have seen, for the places i fell in love with, happy for the wonderful work experience with my children and with a team of strong, wonderful women who inspired me and treated me like a daughter, i will never stop thanking them. Happy because i felt at home in a city where i was not born, happy for the people i met on this journey, without them this experience would not have been the same. Some have remained in my life, others have not, but in one way or another everyone has left something. With some of them i shared a lot, i shared a completely unscheduled lockdown. We underwent this situation together and we came out strong, we supported each other and we did everything possible to make a trauma an experience to remember also positively, because i will remember in this way... a moment in which i created very strong bonds, real relationships that do not stop at the first obstacle, which have gone beyond the surface and will be able to overcome the distances.

So many emotions in a year, with the wonderful Lisbon background which is also the author of these emotions... It is difficult to explain what you can experience at night admiring the view from the Miradouro da Senhora do Monte, and why you will miss the azulejos and sidewalks of the city center, or because you absolutely have to say goodbye to the Tejo before leaving...Já estou com saudades mas não é adeus minha Lisboa.

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