19 setembro 2011

Erasmus Placement: a Ewa na Associação Spin

My name is Ewa and I am doing the last two weeks of my Erasmus Placement in Associação Spin.  I am very glad that I had such a great opportunity to spend a magnificent time with fantastic people!  My internship was invaluable experience and allowed me to write my own project which I hope will be approved! I really enjoyed coming to Spin’s office and to see my gorgeous tutor and other volunteers. The time here was incredibly fruitful and I learnt a lot! I will come back to Poland with new ideas and excellent experience which I would like to apply in my future endeavors in Poland.

In addition to working in Spin, I had an extraordinary rich social and cultural life. Lisbon is a wonderful place which has much to offer.  Twenty four hours were often not enough considering the variety of ways to spend my free time! People I met here were very open and we had an amazing time together.

My adventure started three months ago, it seemed to me that it is a lot of time. Now, I really regret that the time passed so quickly. Thank you Spin, thank you my friends, thank you Portugal!

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