20 janeiro 2021

O testemunho No. 3 da Katia (Associacao Spin)


With simultaneous rain and sun and hazelnut breakfasts my European Solidarity Corps in Spin Association is coming to and end with all its endeavours and smiles. And what a nice experience it has been to be part of the Spin team for the last 10 months, with its online meeting, park  language classes, welcome lunches in the office, working from home and all that comes with. Now I feel free and ready for the next steps, next continuations and I'm happy for deciding to stay in Lisboa for yet a while. So this is more of a transition than an end, all though it marks a goodbye to some daily activities and routines, some collaborations and activities which I will miss dearly. 

Almost nine months past and what an incredible experience this has been. I could never expect to do all of these things. i especially thankful for all the wonderful people ive gotten to know or crossed path swith in these past months. I’ve definatly made som friendships for life. Especially it feels very heavy to break up the Spin family.

For me one of the most important things has been to aquire a new language. Im in love with exploring portugese and the poetry of this language.

Going around and holding presentations in schools have teached me how to be somewhat more relaxed about this. It’s definately something I will use later in life.

I’m happy to have thrown out many ideas to spin for the growth of the assosiation. even if most of these will probably not come into life, at least now the hostel has green sprouts, fresh vegetables and water kefir.

Im going to miss you Portugal, and especially all your delicious pastries! 

Allthough not all of my expectations has come true, there are no sprouts, I never went to any schools and the kefir grains fermented their ways to other places, these spring thoughts are still somehow true and can stand for their own. 

Hope to see you soon!