20 fevereiro 2017

O SVE da Ingrid

My EVS experience has been full of surprises.
I arrived at the beginning of the summer program; we went to the beach, we visited museums and cultural places, we did sports and many others activities with the kids!  In September a new cycle started and I started to develop my own activities.

With 6-year-old kids I made some activities about music and drawings. For example the different kinds of instruments. I also brought my violin and play for them. I loved working with them because they were enthusiastic for everything!
I also participated with them to a challenge “Herois da Fruta” that is promoting healthy food and fruits‘ benefits! Here is a link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CC_28LY0p1g&t=32s

I helped a lot the kids with special educational needs. I participated every week to the cooking activity, plastics arts and also music!

It was a very challenging and rich experience. Kids are extremely generous and they give you energy to challenge yourself everyday. It was rewarding to see that my work was appreciated and see that I could help them.
I will never forget my birthday when I arrived at school I saw the poster they made for me with kinds messages on the board and they were all singing.

I really felt integrated and listened. My EVS experience allowed me to develop new skills, creativity and share things that I like!  I met incredible people here in Lisbon who welcomed me really well and made me feel like home. It’s not easy to learn a new language, learn everything from the start but I was lucky to have amazing people to help me.

Two unforgettable memories were the “On arrival training” in Braga and the “Mid-term training” in Guimarães. I met incredible people with so much positive energy. It gave me a lot of motivation during my EVS. Some of the people I met became really good friends. I realized during those trainings how important it is to share our experiences. 

I’m really grateful for the support of my teamwork and my friends! I got great opportunities to visit Lisbon and know more about Portuguese e culture all along my EVS. My love for Lisbon and Portugal is even stronger now !

Thank you everybody <3