07 dezembro 2011

Keep Spinning - Spin´s EVS Project!

Hosting organization: Associação Spin para o Intercâmbio, Formação e Cooperação entre os Povos, Lisbon (2009-PT-28)
Project starts: 1st of June, 2012 
Project lasts: 9 and 6 months
Vacancies: 2 volunteers
Applications deadline: 16th of December 
Application consists of: CV + project-specific motivation letter. Finalists will be contacted for a video-conference interview by 21st of December, 2011
Application sent to: sve.spin@gmail.com

Association Spin is looking for 2 volunteers for a long term EVS project in Lisbon, Portugal. In your application please specify which department you are applying to.

European Programmes and Mobility Department (duration 9 months)
- Preparation of new project proposals on the frames of the Youth in Action Programme, Lifelong Learning Programme and others in the field of youth, training and education
- Coordination of EVS volunteers sending activities, such as assisting in the preparation for departure, travel arrangements
- Support in the organization and implementation of youth exchanges and trainings
- Help in the organization and active participation in information sessions in schools, seminars and conferences in order to promote the YiA programme
- Collaboration with fellow volunteer in Image and Communication Department
- Research and collect information about European opportunities for young people for the elaboration of the monthly newsletter/mailing and update information on the website

Image and Communication Department (duration 6 months)
- Preparation, formatting and mailing of the monthly newsletter
- Maintaining and updating all Spin’s communication channels
- The graphic design of the blog, website, brochures, posters, flyers and promotional materials for the organization and other publications organization using his/her creativity
- Documenting all Spin’s activities and dissemination of information
- General support in the activities of association

Regarding the projects with the local community, both volunteers will be engaged in the organization of cultural and social activities for young people, as well as in the inclusion projects held in the neighborhood. If they wish to, they may also propose their own initiatives and get engaged in the local community of Bairro da Horta Nova.

The volunteers are going to be members of our team and will work in an intercultural environment, both formal and non-formal. The volunteers will be encouraged to be proactive by designing and implement their own initiatives, with the Association's approval, on themes such as citizenship, human rights, intercultural dialogue and others of their interest.

The volunteers will have to share the room with another volunteer/student/young person. Volunteers will use public transportation on daily basis, but housing will be arranged in a convenient location not too far from the office.
The volunteers will receive an allowance for food and transportation and pocket money, which they manage by themselves.

Volunteers are expected to spend 35 hours a week working. Their timetable includes space for language lessons, days off, social activities and development of their own project ideas, etc.

Criteria and volunteer profile
The volunteers are not required to have any particular degree of formal education. We would like to host volunteers with positive attitude, tolerant, flexible, responsible, ready to work and eager to learn about new cultures and lifestyles. They must be over 18. Very important is volunteer’s interest in working with Spin in particular and commitment to the goals of the organization. Knowledge of Portuguese is not required, but is an advantage, especially for volunteer interested in communication department.

Selection procedure
All interested candidates are requested to send a CV and a project-specific Motivation Letter in English or Portuguese to sve.spin@gmail.com with a subject line KEEP SPINNING by 16th of December. Selected candidates will be contacted for scheduling a Skype interview by 21st of December.

If you would like to know Spin better, to see our office and hear about the experiences of our past EVS volunteers you could watch the video created by our board member:

06 dezembro 2011

Era uma vez uma Palestina não contada...

A experiência em Palestina de duas voluntárias Spin:

No próximo dia 13 de Dezembro, na livraria Ler Devagar, às 21h00, vamos partilhar algo que sabemos que deve ser ouvido. Histórias que trouxemos de uma intensa experiência de voluntariado num campo de refugiados na Palestina.

Através de uma sessão de storytelling e partilha de fotografias, pretendemos sensibilizar as pessoas para o que vimos na Palestina e em Israel e não vemos nos nossos órgãos de comunicação social. Mas como sensibilizar não chega, daremos às pessoas possibilidades de reagir através da assinatura de cartas e petições. Agradecemos a vossa presença e divulgação.