08 agosto 2017

O testemunho da Fran

Hi, I'm Fran! I come from south of France. I am doing an EVS in Portugal for one year.
I arrived in Lisbon on June 1st, the first day of the Festas de Lisboa, which take place throughout June. As soon as I arrived, I had the chance to party every night and meet many new people. I live in an apartment with many other volunteers like me, and the building in which I live has 3 apartments like mine, filled with young volunteers from all walks of life and all nationalities, so it really a “Spanish hostel” as we say in France. Even though I was already used to living with many flatmates, it was a big change for me because I usually live in a small village, where there are few new people to meet. Living in a big city like Lisbon and learning a new language is a challenge for me, but I am ready to take it up! For the moment I really like the city and its inhabitants, in the same way that I like the people with whom I live and work.

I work in an association whose mission is to study and protect the birds of Portugal. Having studied ecology and having often worked on birds, I am like a fish in the water. I like the work that is done, it is every week different, and many of my missions take me to go to the north of the country, which allows me to visit places other than the surroundings of Lisbon. I will say that until now the experience is very pleasant and rewarding and I recommend to all to do an EVS in Lisbon!

Fran De Coster

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