31 outubro 2017

O testemunho da Petra

So what happened since the last time I wrote the testimony?

A lot. New volunteers arrived, some left, then new ones came, I changed appartment, participated on on-arrival and midterm trainings, participated in info session and eurodesk session where I shared my EVS experience with portuguese youth, I led workshop “We are all equal”, I helped in the hostel, I replied on tons of emails, I learnt people how to make gluten free meal, I saw old ladies’ excitement when they renovated their old clothes, I shared Slovenian inventions on Noite Europeia dos Investigadores, I was part of Spin Banca for Sant’Antonio, I painted walls in hostel, I put dishes in and out of dishwasher countless times … 

I also got some visitors, I visited some places in Portugal, I got good moments and I had bad ones too. But this is all life. It really doesn’t make any sense to deny the reality. And at the end you realise you don’t need many things to be happy. All you need is to be true to yourself and others, be calm, have faith and life will show you a way. :) And you need a friend and a dog too. ;) :* :*

Petra Mršnik

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