11 dezembro 2019

O testemunho da Niki (Associacao Spin)

I spent almost 10 months in Portugal instead of the original 9 months because I managed to extend my project. I am delighted that, thanks to this possibility, I could enjoy more time with my friends, whom I found through volunteering and active social life in Lisbon.

I've experienced a lot here. NGO environment, parties, entertainment, evenings next to the river and long night talks, trips, language exchanges, jam sessions, walks around city and parks, cooking dinner together with friends, feeling of happiness, love and coherence.

I also experienced how the Portuguese bureaucracy and health system are not working, unpleasant people, a bad mornings in which I did not even want to get out of bed. Ups and downs.

But I would never have experienced all this without ESC. And I'm grateful for that. For all the positives and negatives that Lisbon has brought me.

And I will have my closest friends and Lisbon forever in my heart. Well, thank you Portugal.

Let's go to start a new chapter.

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