19 abril 2021

O testemunho do Nabil No. 2 (Bola p’ra Frente)

Here we are with the second testimony of my volunteering project which can be resumed by 3 main words: adaptation, experience and hope.

After four weeks I started being acquainted with the work, thanks to my colleagues who helped me to get closer to the kids and youngsters, get involved in the most of activities, trainings, meetings and to take initiatives. 

Consequently, my communication skills started to look up, I mean in both languages (Portuguese and English). My personal competences as well (self-confidence and self-esteem) had reached their top.

The daily interaction I had with the local community at Bairro Padre Close, had opened the door for my integration in the Portuguese society.

Now, I strongly believe in the Portuguese saying “Quem não viu Lisboa, não viu coisa boa” because Lisbon is just a wonderful city to live.

Even during this specific time of lockdown, I’m trying to stay positive and I can say it’s such a golden opportunity for me to try working from home thing that I've never tried.

Let's hope everything gets better.

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