19 janeiro 2013

EVS vacancy at Horas de Sonho (Lisbon, Portugal)

Associação Spin, acting as the coordinating organization, is currently looking for two volunteers for the February, 1st deadline.

Host: Cooperativa Horas de Sonho (2013-PT-5)
Coordinator: Associação Spin  (2012-PT-21)
Project name: Let´s do it!
Activity start date: 1st June 2013
Activity end date: 31st May 2014
Vacancies: 2
Application deadline: 22nd January 2013
Application consists of: CV and project-specific motivation letter
Application sent to: sve.horassonho@gmail.com

Horas de Sonho” is a social solidarity Cooperative working in the field of children’s attendance. The organization is settled nowadays in Carnide where the administrative office and almost all Departments are based, however, their area of work includes all the Lisbon city. The organization´s mission is to provide support to families especially through children’s social babysitting. The target group are mainly children aged 2-4. You can watch videos (in Portuguese) about Horas de Sonho here and here.

Generally, the volunteers will: 
  • provide information about Horas de Sonhos’s projects to local people and new associates; 
  • search and collect information as well as answer to requests for information through other channels of communication such as website, blog, facebook and others; 
  • collaborate in updating the Association’s website with contents; 
  • give support to daily management and simple administrative procedures of Horas de Sonho’s projects, both indoors and outdoors; 
  • one of the volunteers will help out primarily at the Community Center and the other at the Community Store. 
For more information on the tasks proposed to the volunteers, please have a look at the full call for participants.

We are looking for volunteers aged 20-30, open minded, eager to learn about new cultures and lifestyles, as well as to participate in the proposed project activities with the local community. It is not required to have any particular degree of formal education, but to have positive and proactive attitude, show tolerance, flexibility, motivation and enthusiasm. In this project, age and maturity are important due to direct work with children and families in the neighborhood. We encourage applications especially from youngsters who already have some experience in working with children and are willing to know more in depth the work developed with families from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Special remarks (please read carefully):
  • read the full call for participants
  • we only accept complete applications that contain all the required documents
  • the subject of your application e-mail should be "Community Center" or "Community Store" (depending on which one you would prefer to help out at)
  • add the contact details of your Sending Organization to your e-mail
  • we can´t consider applications sent after the deadline
  • send your application to sve.horassonho@gmail.com, applications sent through other communication channels (Facebook, Youthnetworks, etc.) will not be considered
  • due to the high number of candidates, we are only able to contact the short-listed candidates (in order to invite them for a brief Skype interview)
  • all the other candidates will be informed about the selection results by January, 26th through our blog.

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