20 janeiro 2013

spinLX - selection results

Dear EVS Candidates,

After a long and hard process, we have managed to pre-select the candidates for the "spinLX" EVS project at the Spin Association (2012-PT-21)! We have sent e-mails with further information to the 11 pre-selected candidates today.

It was a real challenge to go through all the 150 applications we received for just the two vacancies we can offer at the moment. During the selection process we came across some great applications and simply great people. Unfortunately we are only able to host two more volunteers. If you have not been pre-selected for our project, please do not worry or resign! We are sure that among all EVS projects in Europe you will find the one meant just for you!

You might also be interested in knowing that we are currently looking for 5 EVS volunteers for our two local partner organizations. For more information, please read the calls: Horas de Sonho and Mãos do Mundo. The deadline for applications is on January, 22nd (this Tuesday!).
Kindest regards,
Spin´s Staff

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