21 novembro 2019

O testemunho da Marta (SPEA)

Just 3 weeks and so much happened! It's incredible how time flies when you are having fun and starting a new stage in your life. It feels like yesterday when I landed in Lisbon and my actual roomate, Valentia, and I were having a hamburger at 11pm in a place close by our hostel. Since then, we walked around Lisbon and met other volunteers, it's fascinating how fast we all became friends.

 On Monday all the new volunteers had a meeting with SPIN to meet them and learn how to get a bank account, what to do when you are sick... A  morning full of information, but I got an incredible new, SPEA (Sociedade Portuguesa do Estudo das Aves), my hosting organisation, wanted me to go in the very same day to meet them because the next morning I would be hitting the road to Miranda do Duoro for field work, as a biologist this was an incredible new. At the end of the day my head felt like it was going to explote of information, so we decide to have something together and have a little bit of fun. Too many things for 3 days in Lisbon!

The next morning I was on my way to the northern (beautiful) part of Portugal by car admiring how the landscape changed and immersed in a Portuguese conversation during the 5 hours trip with my colleague Rui. Finally we arrived and saw the beautiful views with the Duoro river as a border between Spain and Portugal, again so close to home. I was there until friday waking up every day at 06:30 to be on the field at 07:30 ready to walk during the whole day with 5 degrees following the electric lines to spot dead birds that could crash or electrocute with them. We walked 50 km in total and we only spoted 2 dead birds. At the office things are more chill, but still, I'm learning a lot about environmental education and my workmates made me feel welcome. I love my project.

The thing I like the most about Lisbon is that everyday there is something to do so you don't get bored or you have to stay home because you have no plans. Also I'm very lucky with the rest of the volunteers (now friends) because they enjoy the outdoors and walk around and having drinks in this beatiful city. The only thing I can complain about is the rain... since I'm here we had 4 days of sun (aprox.), and I miss it a lot. But even when it's raining there's life in the streets and you can see the seagulls flying and the tranvias full of people.

Can't wait to see more of Portugal.

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