23 novembro 2017

O testemunho do Michał

My name is Michał. I come from the Czech-Polish borderland. I´m very happy because now I´m doing my EVS project here in Lisbon. I appeared here very suddenly. I don´t even know how it happened... I mean, I flew here by plane. I do not think it´s a good way of travelling. I just sat on a plane, which took me to my final destination a few hours later. In this case, it was 3 hours. 3 hours- it´s nothing! Normally in that much time, I'm not even able to get out of the bed after I wake up. And because of the internet, I feel my past/normal life just behind my back. Next time I promise myself to do this road by walking. Or on a bicycle. Just to feel the distance stronger.

Anyway. Now I´m here for more than four months. Unfortunately, after this 4 months being here, I still don´t have any conclusions about Portugal. Cause I had no time to think about it. Just now, when I´m writing this "testemunho", I'm trying to think about it. But it´s too late. So far, so many things happened, that it´s impossible to make some simple conclusion. 
I can say that Portugal is a very nice place. Lisbon as well. People here are nice, the architecture is nice, the food is nice, locals and the prices are nice too. Everything here is so nice, that it´s starting to get mixed together in one uniform mass made from these nice stimuli. It´s confusing, because sometimes I have the impression, that I will not be surprised anymore. But it´s not true! Every time, especially when I have some overwhelming thoughts, something new and unpredictable happens suddenly - which brings fresh air into the atmosphere. It has a very therapeutic effect. By the way, the air here is fresh as well. I appreciate it a lot! Nature and the weather conditions here are the most hospitable I´ve ever experienced. I´m living in an amazing house with amazing people. They don´t give me the opportunity to be bored. It may sound negative, but for now, they´re able to replace my closest people. 

Working in SPIN is such a pleasure! During my travels around Europe, I stayed in many different hostels. I love hostels. It´s a chance to meet a lot of people from all around the world. Here, I finally have the opportunity to observe how the hostels look from the "inside". It´s so interesting to me! Even simple tasks like cleaning the dishes or peeling potatoes became an important experience here. But of course, there is a possibility to work in a more creative way here. 
By the way, I think that Lisbon is a very spiritual place. As soon as I arrived here, I had the feeling, that I already knew this place. It´s because of the atmosphere of this city. It´s so intense, I would say “smooth”. I have the impression that people here, even if they´re not looking at each other too much, they are living in some specific connection. To me it seems like everyone´s aura is a little bit dissolved, so during a contact with someone else's aura, they stick together and then Spin, creating bridges similar to paste glueing between fingers. So in a crowd of it, it´s like a huge colourful spider web made of those connections... 

And I love the way how the time goes by here! Normally, according to the place I have a feeling that time is towing too slow or running too fast. But here I don´t have this stupid feeling. That is amazing, I love this state!

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