23 abril 2019

O testimunho da Marina

Even if the project I am doing was not my first option, I was sure I wanted to do my CES in Lisbon.
Fortunately, I was not chosen for the project I applied but I was offered a new one. I felt excited and happy, so I decided to do the interview.

During the interview, I felt “good vibes”, and some hours later I received the confirmation email. I cannot describe how I felt, but it was all positive. However. I had to decline the offer because I was finishing my master degree and really need to do it. I was sad but I knew it was the right thing to do. Few weeks later, a day before my birthday, I received an email from Inês offering me a new starting date. It was the best birthday presente I could ever have: the opportunity to live a whole year in Lisbon doing a project that I love! I could not do anything but accepting the challenge.

After finishing my master degree, I had only 3 days left to prepare my stuff for my new life in Lisbon. With my packed bags I took the train. Fourteen hours later, Giulia was waiting for me at Santa Apolonia train station. She helped me going home, Casa Bernardim, where I met Agnes, one of my flatmates. Afterwards I met the rest of my flatmates. The following days I had the opportunity to meet the other volunteers, who already knew each other because they arrived a month before. 

I have only been living here for exactly two weeks, but I had the opportunity to wander in the city center, visit some of the most famous places, know new people and try to speak some words in Portuguese. Despite the intensity of these two weeks, the “good vibes” feeling have not change, it has only been increased. I can not describe with words how well I feel here in Lisbon and how much I enjoyed its colours and its people. It is a very nice place to live and enjoy life!

I hope and know that this year in Lisbon is going to be a very enriching experience, which not only will help me know myself better but also will help me expand my horizons, personally and professionally. I can only thank Spin for giving me this unique opportunity which I will make the most from it. 

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