17 abril 2019

O testimunho da Alba

Finally I’m writing my first testimundho. I should have done it in my first weeks here, that means
almost a month and a half ago, but here I am now… And I think it’s a good sign as it means that I’ve been too “busy” doing other stuff to sit in front of my computer to write it.

I came to Lisbon by chance (It had never crossed my mind to come here before), it was totally unexpected, and for now I only can say that I was lucky that this happened to me. In a matter of days I was accepted, I packed my stuff and moved to Lisbon. After university I’ve been always traveling and living away from home, so I told myself: “why not?” I was already volunteering in the south of Spain, so I didn’t even go home, I came directly to Lisbon.

I’ll work for 12 months in SPEA, a NGO dedicated to the protection and conservation of birds. As I’m a biologist, and a nature and bird lover, this sounds
perfect for me! I was, and still am, very excited about the project, ready to learn more about the wildlife world. And here I am now, making a mess of my head trying to learn the names of birds in Portuguese, and trying not to mix them with the Catalan or Spanish names. And maybe the Portuguese is the most difficult part for me… I have the feeling that I’m just guessing words. But I hope I’ll be able to write my last testimunho in Portuguese and not in my current Portuñol (fingers crossed!).

And despite the nerves and fears of the first moments, which I think it’s inevitable to have, for now I can only say good things about this experience. And this is thanks to the amazing people that welcomed me with open arms, who bake me cakes (what else can I ask for?) and who are discovering with me the wonders of this city!

I’m eager to continue discovering the magic of Portugal, with this amazing people by my side.
And I can only say muito obrigada por esta oportunidade!

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