22 fevereiro 2021

O testemunho final da Angela (AAMA)


Yes, my SVE experience is already over and, even though it wasn’t as long as anyone else’s, I’m so proud of it. I spent in Lisbon three very intense months, the best way I could, and that’s way I left that poetic capital city with a smile and with no regrets.

From the mountain to the coast, It was a full immersion in the Portuguese tradition, enjoying typical food and music, and the breathtaking landscapes as well. In Lisbon I met new friends, I improved my language skills and I learned more about myself. 

I experienced both moments of waiting and action. I generally prefer dinamism, that’s why at the first I felt a bit sad, but then I realized that sometimes we need to slow down to reflect and have self-awareness.

I spent lot of time observing the activities made my colleagues from AAMA for the kids in the “sala vermelha” of the school, taking notes about their methods of approach and asking for clarifications.
The most amazing thing was seeing how even the simplest activity could be effective for the learning and growth of the child. And, do you know why? 

Because many times we use to take for granted the life and its aspects, so much not to consider that what for us can be ordinary (for example standing on our own feet or identifying colors, forms or our parents), for others it is not.

I listened to a little girl asking for help to get up off the floor, since her left leg, being weaker than the right one, did not let her to do it easily. At that moment I was moved and I started thinking about all those who can stand and move on their own but prefer to sit…

From the observation time, I also got some ideas about the ways to associate cognitive and motor aspects in the same educational activity, but the moment when I found the biggest connection with the kids and the deep meaning of the volunteering service, was when I put into practice, certainly thanks to the support of my tutor and colleagues, some activities I had planned.

My heart was full of joy and seeing the kids having fun thanks something I had done for them, made me feel really satisfied and happy. 

“Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have” J.R. 

Today I feel more resilient and motivated. Even though the activities didn’t met my expectations, the time I spent in Lisbon played an important role in my personal growth, making me clearer about my aspirations and goals, that’s why, after all, I strongly recommend it to another young person.

Sometimes leaving can be the best investment for yourself.

As for us, my dear Lisbon, 

até breve!

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