21 julho 2022

O testemunho No. 1 da Beyza (Spin)


Hello Everyone
My name is Beyza. I am from Turkey and I am 24 years old. I am really excited about living and being a volunteer at Spin because It's my first time in Portugal and also will be the longest time being away from home. It wasn't easy to find volunteering especially if you need a visa for all the EU countries ☺ I´ve been looking for an ESC for 7 months and luckily I met with Spin by my friend Gjorgi who had participated in a project in May with Spin. It's A pleasure for me to be here.
Before I came here everybody was saying that you´ll love Lisbon because It's very similar to Istanbul. Well IT IS! I already felt like here is like my home. There is something that makes this city magical but I can't explain it yet ☺ When I arrived in Lisbon ,Lisa and Ertugrul picked me up from the airport which made me so happy. They are also my flatmates.
About the house, I mean I really liked it. When you go inside from the apartment you can easily say that the house is very Portuguese – colorful and tiled walls, wooden stairs – and also the volunteers were very kind and nice to me. They showed and explained everything about the house,

The 2nd day in Lisbon, Amr helped me to get a SIM Card and after that I did a small tour in the city. The Portuguese people were really helpful to me about the location of some places while discovering the city, even though some of them didn't know English. The first word I learned in Portuguese was ‘SAIDA´ If you don´t understand anything just follow ´Saida´.

I actually arrived in Lisbon on the 15th of July and I met with the Spin team on the 19th of July. They were so nice and they arranged a welcome day for me. I felt so happy. One of the new volunteers Monika made us lunch <3 I am hoping the bond between me and the Spin team will be stronger than now. I just can’t wait to spend my days here. I am sure I will have more things to tell for the next testimony. Thanks.

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