10 março 2017

First 10 days in Lisbon

I don't like this part very much, but let's put first things first. I am Petra Mršnik from Slovenia and I am new EVS volunteer in Associação Spin. I will stay here till December.
So ... how did I spend my first 10 days in Lisbon? What did I see? What did I notice? You should know it is impossible (and also senseless) to write down everything, so here is short sum up of my past 10 days :)

This is first (and so far the only) picture of me since I am in Portugal.
One of the first things I noticed are the metro stations. I like their "outfit" so much (or should I said "infit" :P). Each one of them is designed in different style. And even though stations look different one from another it doesn't look kitschy or confusing. Everything is so aesthetic and very very interesting. Here is the link to one very good article (with a lot of pictures) about art in Lisbon metro stations. And I think there is also connection between station's name and its design, for example metro station Laranjeiras (eng. Oranges) is furnished with tiles of full oranges, orange slices and orange trees, then there is metro station Cidade Universitária (eng. University City) that is full of nice quotes and wise sayings. So maybe this can be an idea how to spend rainy day in Lisbon.
On my way to work on Wednesday, Mach 8th, I noticed that some girls and women held flower in their hand and I was so happy to see it. I didn't know that international women's day is well known in Portugal, I thought it is not so well recognised in West part of Europe. And surprise surprise, one man came into our office later that day and guess what, he gave each one of us one flower. And I am still hapy for this flower, :)

Flower in the glass is the one I received :)

Talking about office ... Everybody is so nice and helpful (and as one of co-workers said "so young" ;)). We (new EVS volunteers) were accepted very nicely, they made welcome lunch for us. In the next days our tutor showed us working place, presented ongoing projects, following events, responsibilites and duties we have etc. I like the atmosphere in our office and I think I will like my work too :)

On the way to the office
One of the things I find interesting here is the high moisture in the air. I haven't noticed that by smell or anything similar, I noticed it on my body, because it took so looong for my hair to get dry (I don't have hair dryer), but (there is always but) I also noticed my skin is so soft and smoothy here without any care. I would usually put oil twice a day and here I can put ut just twice a week. Amazing, I like the high moisture in the air and its impact on my skin :)

Ponte 25 de Abril
(One of two bridges that connect Lisbon and municipality of Almada)

Another thing I learnt at the very begining of my staying here is there are two main football clubs in Lisbon, Benfica and Sporting. How did I learn that? I share appartment with 3 Portuguese students. I am so happy and so lucky about it. I can really see how they live, I get to know the culture and language quicker and socialization with locals is much easier for me. I really like it. And I also like I don't live with the same people I work. But please, don't understand me wrong, I like them very much! But I also believe it can be very hard and challenging to spend all day and every day in the company of the same people. So, one more time, I am happy to live with locals :)

Project Eco Corner in my new home (signs for waste sorting)
Otherwise, I feel very busy those days. There are so many things I want to see, so many places I want to visit and discover, so many articles I want to read about Lisbon and Portugal, and then I also want to arrange/change/design appartment a bit, I want to have time to learn Portuguese language, and of course I need to socialize ... Aaaa, there are too many things. I have to relax, enjoy my time and be thankful I am here. Weekend, here I come :)

See you,
beijinhos, Petra

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