29 março 2017

What about the First days in Italy? O testemunho da Olga

Well, let's say they were intensive!

The first hours were a mess! We arrived at Ciampino and we had to take lots of transports to arrive here! Are you imagining me changing the luggage between the transports? Well, let's say that my arms are stronger now :p But everything was fine, just tiring! The funny thing was the people! We didn't find many people who were able to speak in English and some of them gave us wrong information but they were so helpful that I thought "I like Italian people"! So, first challenge surpassed!
Now that we arrived we could meet the people from the project and the others EVS. How they would be? Would they be nice? Could I communicate well with them? Hum... Our first evening here was quite good! Of course we were tired, but everybody was nice with us! We had dinner in our new house with these new people and I felt that maybe I could find here a family for next months. Or were they just trying to impress us? I am joking, I believe they are good-heart people :)
After to have rest a little bit, it was the time to wake up for the reality and think" I am in Italy and I am going to live here next months so... maybe I should buy food"! But, instead of worrying about these details, we decided to go to the beach! It is so good to be surrounded by people who like to live! I felt comfortable but I know that I am that kind of person who needs time to lose shyness... We had fun a lot playing football and doing a movie. And we also started to learn about the area! The moments on the beach were relaxing and a good way to start our journey!

And Massa Lubrense? We had time to explore a little bit of the village and I found my favourite flowers! I felt so happy! This should mean something! And of course, a place near from sea and mountain is always an amazing place to live! This reminds me home... And the dogs? They are so cute here! I think I could add more and and and, but... Well, maybe I shouldn't let my mother read this!...
These were just the first hours here and I am really curious about next days... Let's see what kind of surprises Area Marina Protetta Punta Campanella has for us...

Olga - Portugal

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