25 setembro 2017

One Wild Life

Aqui podem ler mais testemunhos dos participantes do curso de formação One Wild Life, que decorreu de 15 a 25 de Junho de 2017 em Sintra.

Katja Jezeršek, Eslovénia
The biggest treasure that I got from the OWL course were the people with whom I lived throughout the course and with whom I shared the experience. I am immensely thankful for their honesty, openness, braveness and willingness to share their thoughts, insights, feelings, experiences, struggles, questions, doubts, pain, joy, happiness, love, talents, music and knowledge with me. Used to being alone quite a lot, it was challenging for me to be surrounded with so many people, but I learned something very important. It is easier to find privacy in the midst of a community that find company in the midst of solitude. The combination of guided introspection and reflection on our past actions or reactions, stands and visions plus intensive community living created a space in which I was challenged and provoked enough that I felt some discomforts, fears, insecurity. It was very precious to see those Achilles heels of mine which I am normally avoiding and trying to forget about them. The space held by facilitators and the whole group was safe and compassionate which helped me express, face and challenge my weaknesses. 
Apart from learning the shady side of me, I also discovered a lot of joy that I did not know before or I almost forgot about it, especially when we were singing together, dancing, improvising, playing. I felt that we created a space of trust and acceptance where I could very freely express myself. I was amazed in how unique and beautiful way each participant contributed to the whole. Here I became more aware of the fact that the most beautiful things come out when we act from our true selves. This is a bug encouragement not to be afraid of being different and unique, to stand out from the crowd and on the other hand not to struggle to be unique. If you act from your core, you will always be unique and impressive. SO acting from your true self is your responsibility. This is something I would like to share with the youth I work with. I would like to encourage young people to connect to their selves, recognise their real needs and dreams and express them in a assertive and respectful way. I learned a lot of techniques of creating a space in which self expression, imagination and dreaming is encouraged (sharing circle, magic objects, tibetan bells, candles, guided meditations, activities which were focusing on different senses, singing, drawing, creating the map of life, free writing, if nothing would stop me, etc.). What I can easily incorporate into my work with the youth in summer camps is the hero journey. It can bring the experience of the participants of our summer camps to a higher level. I will probably also use the activities we were doing on our last day of the course (walk with eyes closed and others whispering encouraging words and final sharing circle with the wool string). I liked the concept of the course, diving in and climbing out and I think the timeline made sense. I am grateful to the organisers and facilitators for creating this space full of encouragement and opportunities to learn and grow, and i am even more thankful to them for leaving us the freedom to take or reject all the content of the course. I would not hesitate even for a second to recommend the course to the others. And I am not loosing hope that we might organise a OWL volume 2 one day! 

Pim van Luijtelaar, Holándia
A very intense training course which took me in a new chapter in my life. I learned a lot about myself and this helped me a lot in this new stage where I am right now. Finding myself, my own authentic vocation! That also made me to find a new way of working with kids and juveniles that struggle with their lives. During the training course i experienced this change inside myself, and what i think, is the best way to help these kids and juveniles. what is it that i really like and love to do? What is it that i really opens my heart and creativity? Starting at myself, and not so much: what other people would like to see (prejudices)! I got to know myself much better, (helicopter view) looking at my life from different points of view, sharing my life story with others and listening to others stories. It was a very confronting training course! implementing al the new information (finding your authentic vocation and starting at the motivation from kids in a Judicial residential setting) wasn't so hard for me cause I already went trough it by myself, I gave a little presentation for my colleagues and tel them about my experiences. I'm training colleagues to implement in the kids and juveniles there lives: finding things and goals in there life, starting from there own motivation, how to vibrate positivity at every moment and live at the moment! 

Alícia Rendo, Espanha 
This training course has changed my life, and my perspective to see the world. Now, I'm sure of my authentic vocation. Thanks for all, hugs and kisses, Ali 

Liudmila Gasina, República Checa
One Wild Life was a great opportunity for me to meet amazing people who are eager to bring changes into this world. People who can ignite the hearts of others during their own coach sessions or just in a usual conversation. The conditions of the projects literally brought us together giving food for thoughts about who we are, what we can do and how should we do it. At the end we were more than just 26 people living together in wild environment - we became a community. Things which I took from the project are incredibly important for me as a personality: I learnt how important it is for me to stand my ground and have my own boundaries. How my own past affected me and what an important part of my life it is. I learnt to accept myself and let me be who I am. Also I got aware of my capabilities both personal and professional ones.

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