28 novembro 2012

Workshop Grundtvig "How to Train Your Pen"

O workshop Grundtvig How to Train Your Pen: story crafting and word bending for novices decorreu de 9 a 17 de Novembro de 2012 em Lisboa. Aqui ficam uns pequenos testemunhos de alguns dos participantes.

Oana-Elena Andone, Roménia
I attended a Grundtvig workshop on training the pen at storytelling in Lisbon. We had young, but demanding trainers who made it their personal mission to guide the participants and challenge them to give their best. The group was varied and made up of the most fascinating people, from different backgrounds, united by their love of reading and their (hidden or not) desire to write. We had wonderful accommodation in Lisbon, in a friendly environment, close to the river Tagus. We explored nature in Cabo da Roca and Sintra, we looked into the city as muse in Lisbon, we even considered video games and cartoons as texts and we searched into the self. Whether I will ever write anything or not, I will always cherish the Lisbon experience as a place of self-discovery and development, but also a junction of friends coming together.

Mila Strashimirova, Bulgária
We arrived at the sunny Lisbon to attend the How to train your pen Workshop - we were 15 participants from all over Europe. We spent a magical week learning and writing texts and enjoying ourselves highly. Our trainers were very knowledgeable and gave us unique experience about literature and the process of creation. We made great new friends and had a wonderful time - listening to fado, walking around the picturesque Lisbon. We also went in the house of the famous author Fernando Pessoa. Also, we visited the westernmost point of Europe. It was an amazing experience which I will always remember!

Marta Nowoszewska-Pawlak, Polónia
Workshops ‘How to train your pen’ turned out to be my best experience ever. You did a great job putting together all of us, coming from different countries, with different backgrounds and experiences but sharing the same passion and interests - literature. The workshop agenda was very diverse and interesting, the trainers - professional and inspiring. The hostel at the train station- really perfect. All other stuff - the whole organization, Aneta and all people involved in preparing the workshops very helpful, open-hearted and professional. Lisbon - I’ve completely fallen in love with that magic city. Thanks a lot for everything! Thanks to you I got the chance to meet great people and experience the great adventure!

Sara Radojkovic, Hungria
"Oh my God, we saw the pictures! Wow, what did you do in Lisbon? How did you get there?", these were all the most common questions I was asked when I returned home to my everyday life. I answered briefly while heaving flashes of pictures of palace where we studied, amazing lectures, passionate words in the air that made me pinch my self to make sure it is happening to me, and of course Lisbon and Cabo da Roca. Having all that in my mind I was just unable to tell anything else but – "It was like: a dream, like magic, unreal." Or I stopped and said "It was just..." And I kept silent letting the waves of images overcomes me not sharing them selfishly. I didn't care that I was actually really annoying, I couldn't. The pictures in me were stronger than my own will and more vivid then my will would ever be. After the unsuccessful attempt to make me talk, they asked me – "So what did you do there?" "Well, we wrote.", "And how, why somebody did all that, I mean what was the goal." "Why? Well, because it was worth it and people who made it happened where worthy people", I said. That was usually when people really gave up on trying talking to me. And I can not blame them, but I am sure, if they had been lucky as I was they would be the same.

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