22 setembro 2014

Os primeiros dias de SVE na Junta de Freguesia de Carnide - Erica

O meu nome é Erica, eu venho de Pesaro (Itália) e sou uma nova voluntária!! I just started learning Portuguese so, for now, I think it is better if I continue in English!!

My adventure as a volunteer in Lisbon started almost two weeks ago and it’s been a surprise every day. The first days I’ve been welcomed by amazing people, volunteers as well, and I found myself completely at ease with the new environment (special thanks to my new casa portuguesa and my great flatmates!). At the same time, both the great company and the discovery of the city let my excitement and enthusiasm grow more and more. As you can see from the pictures I’m enjoying Lisbon’s panoramic viewpoints –miradouros-, street art and graffiti, flea markets, musical and cultural events. Moreover, according to what I experienced so far, the city seems to love lights so much! Indeed, during these days many events have been dedicated to lights... Awesome!

Concerning my project here, the beginning of the volunteering has been quite a challenge! I am volunteering in the Department of Education of Junta de Freguesia de Carnide and, in particular, in a jardim de infância (literally, ‘childhood garden’). This name comes from the idea that children have to be grown and cared in the same way as gardens take part in plants’ development process (I like the metaphor very much!). The first week among ‘buds’ I experienced the extraordinary resources children have to remove linguistic barriers. Their patience, sensitivity and intelligence touched me so much!

During my EVS, I hope to be able to teach them as much as I learn from them! So, I am really happy about the way the project started and really excited about walking through the path in front of me.


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