04 setembro 2014

Testemunho da Klaudia sobre o seu SVE em Lisboa

It was exactly one year ago when I started to stress out, and prepare my luggages for my one-year EVS stay in Lisbon.

I was working in a creche called Horas de Sonho, in the neighbourhood called Carnide. Although, I was not working with children on a daily basis before, I learnt how to deal with them and how to look after them, even though sometimes I had no idea what they were saying to me. Many times I was working with local people, and they also helped me a lot during my stay to understand the country. They also made my daily tasks easier. I was involved in different project of the community such as Loja Trokaki. It is a social store, that is working without money. The clients of the store can bring in any second hand goods, and in exchange they receive credits that later on they can use to exchange for other goods in the corresponding value. I also took part in Clube de Costura, the Sewing Club of Loja Trokaki. It was open to the community to participate, and we altered clothes from Loja Trokaki, that were in bad conditions, or created totally new things. I have also made my volunteer service in Junta de Freguesia de Carnide’s Cultural Centre, where I helped with several events: theatre, cinema, exhibitions, workshops. Many times I participated in projects with other volunteers organized by and for the local community. I can say that I was never bored for a minute. Besides I studied Portuguese and learned a lot about Portuguese culture and people as well.

During my EVS project I met a lot of interesting people, not only at work, or at volunteering but also through Couchsurfing, and other events.

It was a great year, I would definetely recommend for everyone to try EVS. You can have friends, memories and experiences for a lifetime.


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