05 março 2015

First days of EVS in "Crescer a cores"

I am Giulia and I am italian.l start my EVS from 16th february and I will stay here in Lisbon for the next 6 months. I am working with children in a kindergarden called "Creche Crescer a Cores" in Padre Cruz neighborhood.

On my first day of EVS in Creche Crescer a Cores I meet the kindergarden's teachers Noemi, Carla and Monica, and we talked about the children's routine in the kindergarden which is made up of
activities such as, playtime, outdoor games, lunchtime, rest time. After that I met the 15 children, who were all very excited. They are aged between two and three years old and they want to sing and play like all the children of the world! My first impression was that each child has their own character, some are quiet, some are more lively, some try to get your attention by crying. This shows that each of the children are different, with their own personality just like every adult person. "Crescer a cores" wich means "Grow up in colors" supports the idea that we are all different, just like the differing colours of the colour spectrum.

I am really excited to be in Lisbon since is a city with a lot of thing to do in the freetime, I am practing capoeira. Now the weather is going to be warm and I will be able to practise outdoor activities in the park or in the beach. I believe it will be great 6 months here!


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