08 setembro 2016

O testemunho da Ingrid

Hello! My name is Ingrid, I’m French and I am currently doing an European Voluntary Service in a Centro de Artes e Formação in the Escola Básica São Vicente in Lisbon. It’s an organization that takes care of the free time of the kids after school.

Me in a red dress on the right :)

I fell in love with Lisbon two years ago and heard about EVS during my last year of master when I was studying in Strasbourg. One of my teachers was the coordinator of European programs and youth mobility for the Alsace Region and talked to us about it. Thanks to him I started to look for EVS opportunities in Lisbon!

EVS is a unique opportunity, first of all a great human experience! My first three months here has been amazing. The project in the school started at the beginning of the summer program. I had the incredible chance to go visit Lisbon and discover great places. We went to the beach, museums; we also did sports, outdoor activities, paddy papers and many more!

It is a challenging experience to work with children in a foreign language. This total 
immersion made me progress in Portuguese really quickly! I was really surprised to see how welcoming and generous were the children with us. In September when the school starts again I will do activities with the kids in English and create an online journal with them. The team is great and make me feel really part of the project!

EVS is also a great chance to make new friends and share your culture and experiences with people from all over Europe! I love the life in Lisbon; it is an amazing and beautiful city, with so many things to discover and with an incredible energy! Lisbon is a special city with its light, colors and landscapes to get lost into. Portuguese people are really generous, I can’t wait to see and learn more about Portugal! I am really happy to be part of this adventure!

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