13 setembro 2016


The plane is doing circles above the Lisbon. One circle and another and another and... “Ladies and gentleman there is no place on the airport. We are flying to Porto.” That´s nice, I am few minutes in Portugal and already I will visit two cities. What is more, traffic jam on the airport. That´s interesting. Later it was confirmed by number of tourist I passed by every time I had a walk. But first what I will remember from the plane was Atlantic. Blue, dark blue, calm. Huge. Never ending line of water. And only near the coast calm ocean was changing into white waves while dancing with the coastal beaches. 
Me in the middle :)

So I am here. Lisbon. Still can´t believe it. I had this city on my bucket list. Someday, somehow I would visit Lisboa, I thought. Everything started a year ago when I decided that I would like to participate in EVS. Meanwhile I took part in two Youths exchanges in Romania and Cyprus. I was searching for a particular EVS which suits me more and where I can offer the best of me. I was very picky with the projects and I found only two which interested me but that time I wasn´t chose. So I decided to work abroad until I find a proper EVS for me. After working in Greece and Cyprus I went back to my country Poland and saw the advertisement about EVS (European Voluntary Services) in Lisbon. I was sure this is what I want to do and where I want to do it. This is it!

With every year I know myself better, so I know that I feel the best when I am surrounded by nature, culture, people, water and viewpoints. Viewpoint is the thing I need to live. Is like an air for me. I can´t survive without it. Lisboa has it all. Is like a place giving you that balance of city and nature. It is just amazing that you can have a walk with billion tourists in the main street and within few seconds find yourself in miradouro being on your own. Love that feeling. Makes you take a distance to things in your life and put your thoughts in order or simply inspire you. 

And exactly I am taking every from each of these. Spending first evening with my new friends from organisation, eating dinner cooked in a beautiful old kitchen covered by azulejos – typical Portuguese tiles, drinking sangria and after going to listen to live music performing by one of unknown artist. Amazing viewpoint in front of the river, sunset, people around. Can´t describe it. Just breathe the atmosphere.

Here are many free entry, open air events, so of course I would die not taking part in any. For the beginning my flatmates and I went to listen to Fado. And some love it. Some not ☺ I was on the bright side which means that the music and the voice of the singer astonished me. Add an intimate light and square surrounded by tiles covered tenement houses and it starting to be a bit spiritual, going down deep in to your soul.
However Lisbon is not only calm and sentimental, it is also lively and vivid at the same time. Having two days off I decided to take a short trip on the Carcavelos beach. First time swimming in the Atlantic Ocean! Now I know that one part swimsuit has a purpose. Wave are so strong that you don´t know what to do first, hold your pants or try not to go under the water. No matter what, waves are fun! All nations, all skin colours, all languages, all ages – everybody has fun with Ocean and waves. And it is a great chance to surf which is also on my bucket list!
Lisbon is other world and I love it!

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