10 janeiro 2018

O testemunho da Petra

Hmm, my evs experience ... It's hard to write anything, because there are many different shapes, colours and emotions in my mind when I think of my EVS in Portugal and Lisbon. 
I definitely think every person should go abroad for at least 6 months. It helps you seeing some things clearer and it sure represents big step in personal growth and understanding of the world around you. So go!! :) And if you have already done it, try to convince someone else too. ;) 

During my EVS experience I realized some of my flaws and some good qualities I didnt know I had them before. I realised I dont like when people feel sorry for themselves, whine, look for excuses, blame others and never do any change. You can not expect different life, mood, emotions, if you are not willing to change anything within yourself. 

I am very grateful and happy I managed to do EVS! I would like to thank all who helped me in any way to get there and everybody who I spent time there with. ;) Obrigada. Beijinhos :*

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