10 abril 2018

O testemunho da Elisabetta

“Ready to go” or “Immediate departure”: these are two of the potential sentences you can read on the description of the SVE projects. Personally, I believe they are also representatives of states of mind.
I was at a standoff in my life: I was done with the Master Degree, I got my Professional Habilitation after one year of internship and an exam of three months. I found myself unemployed for months and living in a city where I wasn’t feeling at home.
I applied to different projects during those months, but none of them as coherent to my field of studies as this one for which I am here now. Psycological, pedagogical and educational activities with children, as well as community activities with other partner associations, entities, institutions etc.
The welcoming from behalf of SPIN, the coordinating association, has been essential, even while I was still in my home country. In fact, they even found an accomodation for me, so that I didn’t even have to search for it. I feel very encouraged by the fact that other volunteers work in the association, but also in my receiving organization I feel like in a family, considering that all my collegues are older women (in the picture, cakes that a collegue baked for Easter lunch in the crèche).

Another factor that gives me security is the community integration and wellbeing promotion that are developed in the neighborhood in which these associations are. In the picture, one of the hundreds streetart works of the neighborhood. Thanks to these artists, between many other actors, the social houses were made beautiful and well-finished.

On my arrival, togheter with other voluteeres, we have been guided in a visit through the neighborhood. Beside it, it has been very interesting another guided visit, held by the president of the receiving institution. She showed us some blind sides, weaknesses, lacks and still developing projects in the area, such as the improving of living conditions inside the social houses and the relationships between different ethnies.

Spin is one of those associations who, bringing volunteers from all over Europe to such a periferical social houses quarter, thinks globally and acts locally. I had the chance to partecipate in the 10th anniversary of SPIN and other two parties with the others volunteers. This allowed me to feel part of something, beside having fun, of course!
Beyond the Easter lunch, we had a birthday party and the father’s day party in the crèche. I took part in a education workshop for parents and, as march was the month of the book, in a reading activity with partner associations.
Last, but not least, last week I started, together with the president of the receiving association and others partner associations, a training course about peace.
So much happened in my first month! I can’t wait for more!


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