29 abril 2018

O testemunho da Romea

Ola I’m Romea from Croatia. I arrived in this wonderful city 1. March 2018 to start my EVS journey. It has been only a month, many things happened already, and I cannot wait for more. The first thing after the airport was going to my new apartment and I was amazed with the view from my room facing Neptune on Largo de D. Estefânia.

The day I arrived, it was raining in Lisbon, and it didn’t stop the whole month which is the only thing I would change because I miss the sun and warmer weather, but the summer is at the door so beach days will be here soon.

First day in Spin was lovely, all the other new volunteers and me were welcomed and surprised with lunch and it was delicious. After that Ines told us everything about Spins work and we got to know Spin and the hostel better. First official day at work was full of cooking throughout all the week because we had to prepare everything for Spin’s 10. Birthday party. We prepared many delicious meals and the party was full of good food, nice people and great atmosphere. 

Furthermore, all the days after at the office continued to be the same, full of good food, nice people and great atmosphere. I am enjoying every second since I arrived and all the things Lisbon has to offer, new interesting people, food, music, art…and looking forward to see and experience much more and explore all the wonders and adventures Portugal has. Except for that, I hope also to get to know people around me better, the language, but also to get to know myself better.

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